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Who got slighted in the Steve Jobs movie

Philip Michaels | Aug. 19, 2013
'Jobs' is a largely accurate biopic of the late Apple cofounder. But not everyone is going to like how they're portrayed in the movie.

Ron Wayne
Apple's third cofounder along with Jobs and Wozniak, Ron Wayne is the forgotten man of Apple's history. The makers of Jobs certainly seem to have forgotten him, as Wayne gets nary a mention in the movie, not even a peep about his selling back his stake in Apple to the two Steves 12 days after the company's founding. Maybe the filmmakers didn't want to bum everyone out.

Any woman employed in technology between 1976 and 2001
It's a man's world in Jobs, where the only female characters to have speaking parts are women who either raised Steve Jobs, slept with him, married him, were fathered by him, or answered his phones. I guess you could argue that the tech world was dominated by men, particularly in the '70s and '80s, when much of the movie takes place. I guess you could also believe that the fonts and icons in the original Macintosh designed themselves.

Xerox PARC
Sure, it's not a person, but who's to say research-and-development labs can't have feelings, too? The two visits to the research facility by Apple employees—especially one in 1979 that included Steve Jobs—have taken on mythical proportions, with some myths more accurate than others. But it's certainly clear that the visit had an impact on Jobs's outlook about personal computing.

It feels an odd oversight in Jobs for that moment to take place when the cameras weren't rolling.


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