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Whistleblower to continue helping U.S. Infosys probe

Patrick Thibodeau | Aug. 22, 2012
A federal court decision on Monday to throw out a civil lawsuit against Infosys is a clear loss for the plaintiff, Jay Palmer. But it isn't much of a win for Infosys.

"While the electronic and telephonic threats and anti-American statements are deeply disturbing, it is clear that the Alabama Supreme Court would not view them as 'beyond all possible bounds of decency," wrote Thompson, citing language in another case.

In the end, the judge seemed sympathetic to some of Palmer's claims. He called the alleged threats "deeply troubling."

Thompson wrote that "an argument could be made that such threats against whistleblowers, in particular, should be illegal."

Nonetheless, the judge said he couldn't rewrite state law, and that "this court must conclude that, under current Alabama law, Palmer has no right to recover from Infosys."

Mendelsohn isn't ruling out an appeal and it's something they will assess.

"I'm not sure that there's any basis for any appeal," Mendelsohn said. "He's a fine judge, one of the best I've ever seen," he said of Thompson.

But Mendelsohn, citing the ongoing federal activities, noted, "it isn't over."



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