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Which pro Mac desktop: iMac and Mac Pro compared

Martyn Casserly | Feb. 10, 2015
Apple's laptops are brilliant, but sometimes you want the luxury and power of a Mac desktop. In this feature we'll explore the options open to you, and compare the various advantages of iMacs and Mac Pros.

iMac vs Mac Pro: Buying advice

If you're someone who works with highly demanding 3D graphics rendering software, or create and edit lots of effects-heavy video, then the Mac Pro is an obvious choice because of its raw power capabilities. It really is a very impressive machine, that looks fantastic, while coming equipped with enough grunt to take on advanced tasks without fear.

The fact that it's so easily upgraded by the user is also a huge benefit when considering your purchase. It's not cheap though, as you might expect, and when you cost in a display (or three) that's worthy of the device you're easily heading towards £3000 or £4000 pounds. This makes the Pro a very considered purchase, albeit an excellent one for the right user.

Those looking for a powerful, elegant, all-in-one solution could choose any of the iMac range, but we'd definitely push at least into the 27-inch territory if you're going to use it for professional level tasks. Upgrading the standard hard drives to a 1TB Fusion drive is also a necessity if you want to get the most out of these excellent computers.

Once you've encountered the iMac with 5K display, we're confident that it will prove very difficult to resist. The display is photographic in terms of quality, and we were impressed at how well the machine performed in the vast majority of our tests. It's not as powerful or expandable as the Mac Pro, so keep that very much in mind, but it still remains our favourite Mac of all.


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