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When it comes to personal tech, speak soft skills and carry a big stick

Lisa Schmeiser | July 22, 2015
Way back in the beforetime of the 1980s, when giant hairstyles roamed the Earth and "hacking" was still a synonym for "coughing," I went to computer camp. And the most useful thing I learned was not that I could break the newly installed computer terminals at my local library by pulling up a command line and typing: 10 PRINT "I love rock and roll"

Soft skills are the skills you need to put personal technology into an appropriate and life-enhancing context for yourself and the people whose well-being you protect.

Over the next 11 columns, I'll be reporting on some of the ways in which technological challenges have turned into soft skills challenges for people at home and at work. And I'll be telling you what soft skills the pros recommend people develop, and how to get those skills.

I'll be looking at a wide variety of situations best described as "the collision between modern technology and human nature," from how to keep your Nana from giving your inheritance to that nice Nigerian prince, to how to navigate the debate over kids and screen time.

I would love to hear about the soft-skills challenges you're facing when it comes to personal and professional tech in your life. Please don't hesitate to reach out on Twitter or via email.


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