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What you need to know about BlackBerry 10

Caitlin McGarry and Armando Rodriguez | Sept. 26, 2012
Apple and Google have long since muscled aside Research in Motion at the top of the smartphone market, but the company has hopes of staying in the game-or at least not losing more ground to the likes of Microsoft and others-with its BlackBerry 10 platform.

From what we've heard at BlackBerry Jam this week, users with older BlackBerry gadgets may not be able to upgrade their BB7 devices to BB10.

So what happens to my BlackBerry 7 phone?

RIM said it won't stop supporting BlackBerry 7 and that the company still has a rather sizable team dedicated to maintaining that OS. Even when BB10 launches, BB7 devices will still be available.

BlackBerry 10 puts an App World store right on your device.

What carriers will have BB10?

Carrier testing begins next month. No word yet on which carriers will support BB10.

I use BlackBerry for business-what does BB10 have for me?

BlackBerry rose to smartphone dominance by catering to enterprise clients, a market the company continues to target with BB10. A feature called BlackBerry Balance, for example, keeps personal apps and data separate from work information. It's a clear attempt to capitalize on the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend where people use their personal smartphone for work.

As we noted in our preview of BlackBerry 10, BlackBerry's messaging system gets a major upgrade with a universal inbox called the BlackBerry Hub. In the hub, you have access to e-mails, texts, BBMs and social networking notifications in one centralized location.

The virtual keyboard supports auto-complete in multiple languages, which means you can type a sentence in English but include a Japanese word, and the auto-complete function will finish the word just as it would in English.

I'm not a businessperson-would I still want a BlackBerry with BB10?

The jury is still out, but RIM did unveil a few more fun features, like BlackBerry Games. Like iOS's Game Center, the gaming service will have leader boards and a friends list, but is missing things like achievements or random matchmaking.

Overall, BlackBerry continues to be a business-centric smartphone, at least from what we've seen from BB10 so far.

Is that it?

That's all RIM is talking about for now. But the company has promised "more surprises" between now and the launch of BlackBerry 10 early next year.


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