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What you can expect from the much-rumored Apple Car

Oscar Raymundo | Nov. 16, 2015
Experts discuss how Apple might disrupt the auto industry and why the Apple Car will be unlike any other car ever made.

“Will you need a driver’s license to operate an autonomous car?”

“Will you need a driver’s license to operate an autonomous car?” asked C3 Group CEO Dave Robinson, the panel moderator.

Apple’s advantage as an outsider

Although we can’t yet confirm whether the iCar will be electric or autonomous, the panelists claimed one thing’s for sure: Apple has a big advantage entering the auto industry as an outsider.

“The advantage of a new entrant comes into play when you think about meeting regulations, minimizing the risk for stakeholders, and satisfying your existing customers,” Pilewski said, talking to the current big car companies. “You are beholden to them, and that slows you down. That environment is not ripe for innovation.”

Pilewski said this was the reason why tech startups have been able to succeed as new entrants to big established industries.

“When you think of services like Uber and Airbnb, they ignore regulations right off the bat until they are forced to comply,” she said. “The car companies don’t have that luxury, for better or for worse.”


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