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What to expect from Apple's September 9 event

Dan Moren | Sept. 1, 2014
Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 6, iOS 8, OS X Yosemite, new iPad and iWatch next Tuesday.

At this late stage in the game, it seems most likely that whatever is slated to be added to iOS is specifically tied to new hardware. Should there be, say, an NFC chip, iOS 8 will have the software to make use of it — likewise with any new capabilities of the iPhone 6's camera. (What's left? A 3D mode? Night vision? Thermal imaging?)

But the biggest news will likely be pinning down when iOS 8 is available to consumers, and once again we here turn to announcements of Apple's past. Generally an iOS update is available a couple days before the new phone arrives — in this case, we think that means September 17. For more on what we already know on iOS 8, check out our thorough FAQ on the topic.

OS X Yosemite

An iOS-centric event this might be, but that doesn't mean that Apple won't dish on the next version of its Mac OS too — especially given the close ties between the two this time around. Like iOS 8, Yosemite got plenty of stage time at WWDC, where we saw not only its new interface, but also the Continuity features that will bring iOS devices and Macs into ever-closer harmony.

Will we see a release date for Yosemite at next week's event? It's not impossible, but neither is it particularly likely. Rumor has it the company may hold a second event to come this fall, as it has in late October for the last couple years. That would seem a more likely occasion to discuss Yosemite thoroughly. But as with financial markets, past performance is no guarantee of future performance, so it's not out of the question that OS X will make an appearance this time around.

iPad/Mac/Apple TV

Three, three, three products in one. Given that Apple has usually bundled Macs and iPads into its October events, we think it unlikely that they'll want to cheapen the iPhone's moment in the sun by trying to preview too many products. The iPad and Mac are big enough to hold their own at a product event, so we're going to go out on a limb (of carefully machined aluminum) and say that the iPad and Mac won't make showings in September.

The Apple TV is more of a wild card. Apple hasn't revamped the set-top box in quite some time now — its last update was the relatively modest 1080p version launched in March 2012, alongside the all-too-brief-for-this-world third-generation iPad. That would suggest the box is more likely to continue to be paired with the tablet than with the phone. Which, admittedly, makes a sort of sense, since it seems much more likely that the iPhone will instead be paired with ...


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