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'What the f*** is my wearable strategy?' New website has answers

Jon Phillips | Jan. 20, 2014
What, you haven't yet formulated your plan for world domination in the wearables space? Grab one of these pre-fab ideas.

Wearables hype has officially exceeded critical mass. Google Glass and Samsung's Galaxy Gear prepped us for imminent overload, and then CES coverage--and I was as guilty as any journalist--pushed smartwatch, smartglasses, and activity tracker hype over the edge.

wearable tech, consumer tech

And so wafting through the Internet on a current of sheer inevitability, we now have What the F*** is My Wearable Strategy? It's a script-driven meme engine that spits out a bunch of ridiculous--but still disturbingly tenable--ideas for wearable hardware.

wearable tech, consumer tech

If you have any sense of humor (let alone any degree of wearables fatigue), you'll understand that this simple little website absolutely needs to exist. But before you hit the URL, do keep in mind that the site name and all its content make frequent use of the naughty F word, which I've censored in this article. Truth be told, I like to cuss as much as Al Swearengen on a canned peaches and cinnamon bender, but my better instincts tell me I should keep TechHive's content clean. You know, for the children.

wearable tech, consumer tech

At press time, What the F*** is My Wearable Strategy? was looping through a relatively small amount of pre-scripted hardware ideas. Suspiciously missing from the list? A contact lens that measures blood glucose levels.

Oh, right. Because that's too ridiculous to even consider.


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