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What people hate about the iPad Air: review of reviews

David Price | Oct. 28, 2013
We gathered the negative comments that the iPad Air has picked up since it was launched on Tuesday night.

iPad Air reviews

Ok - hate might be a strong word, but not everyone has showered Apple's new iPad Air with praise. In this second part of our iPad Air review of reviews, we've gathered the negative comments that the iPad Air has picked up since it was launched on Tuesday night. Some of the complaints and criticisms are extremely astute... others aren't. 

iPad Air complaints: The name
Writing on The Verge, David Pierce was ambivalent about the new name.

"Where we're perhaps most confused about the Air is its naming," he writes. "There was a palpable tension in the room in San Francisco when the name change was revealed, as if an iPad Pro were imminent"

It's possible, of course, that Apple will launch an iPad Pro somewhere down the line, to match the Air/Pro division of its MacBook laptops, but we're probably getting ahead of ourselves here.

iPad Air complaints: Lack of surprises
A theme of some reviews was a general sense of having seen it all before - that none of the releases, including the iPad Air, were truly groundbreaking.

Mirror man Dan Silver quipped that "anyone expecting a reinvention of the iWheel was left disappointed but surely not surprised", although he conceded that "design guru Sir Jonathan Ive and his team have once again pulled off their party trick and made the utterly familiar utterly desirable".

iPad Air complaints: Lack of Touch ID
Some reviewers were disappointed by what The Verge called "a couple of surprising omissions", most obviously the Touch ID fingerprint sensor we saw on the iPhone 5s.

'Daily Star man Dave', in a review that's very favourable overall, did note grumpily that "fingerprint recognition is nowhere to be seen", adding in summary that "it's disappointing we didn't get Bond-style fingerprint technology."

Look out for Touch ID in the next James Bond outing, in which 007 has to log into his MI6 iPad as quickly as possible.

iPad Air reviews
iPad Air: no Bond-style fingerprint technology

Tech Radar were also surprised by the omission, but didn't think it a dealbreaker: "There's no Touch ID - which is a surprise given that it's quickly become a nice feature of the iPhone 5S and the A7 chip can handle it - but it's not by any means critical, and we'll merrily take the reduction in size and weight," wrote Patrick Goss.

iPad Air complaints: Lack of colour options
Apple will be selling the iPad Air in two colour schemes: silver and white, and black and space grey - nice enough, but lacking the vibrancy of the new iPhone colours, which included bright blue, green and yellow for the iPhone 5c, and a snazzy gold for the iPhone 5s.


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