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What does $240 get you in an iPhone case?

Dan Frakes | May 2, 2014
As usual, the aisles at last month's Macworld/iWorld show were chock full of vendors hawking iPhone cases.

Squair claims that its Cani-Mite procedure infuses the dye compound deeply enough that even if you manage to scratch the hard metal, you shouldn't see the uncolored metal underneath. As I mentioned above, I accidentally dropped my phone several times while testing the black Bumper — dropping phones is a thing for me — and it was only the third of those drops, onto concrete, that resulted in a scratch deep enough to pass through the black-dyed layer.

All of that is to say that the Curvacious Bumper is an impressive bit of work, though one that, like even the best iPhone cases, has a few flaws. Is it worth $240? Probably not to most people, though I know more than a few people with deep pockets who'd consider splurging at the $120 show-special price — after all, many "luxury" iPhone cases sell for $70 or $80 and completely obscure the the iPhone's attractive appearance, while the Bumper offers very good edge protection and largely preserves the iPhone's design (some might even say improves it). Still, $100 is halfway to an iPhone 5s on U.S. carriers, and $200 is all the way there.


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