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Wello aims to bring the gym home through live training service

Agam Shah | April 1, 2013
Wello is planning to bring one-on-one and group workouts to tablets, with the goal of offering an app for gaming consoles and TVs

In-person training is perhaps the best way to achieve fitness goals via a martial art like Tae Kwon Do, which focuses on precision, said Davor Pleskina, a martial arts instructor in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

It helps to have online resources, but there's no substitute for in-person training.

"To really feel, understand and properly perform technique, there is a need to have a master leading in person," Pleskina said. "We will see what the future brings."

Even with a two-way video link, an instructor often needs to change the angle from which they are looking at the client to check the correct alignment and motion of technique, said Katie Billingham, a martial arts instructor in the U.K.

"With activities such as martial arts, yoga and Pilates, this is essential to both receiving the benefits and preventing injury," Billingham said.

But Wello trainer Kuan, who offers training based on martial arts, has seen a majority of her clients request a cardio workout instead of by-the-book martial arts training. Kuan offers a class on Wello called Kick-Hiit, which mixes kickboxing with high-intensity training.

Moreover, in-person training isn't always possible, especially for people who can't afford gyms or seniors who can't leave their homes, Kuan said.

Wello also has a future in corporate wellness, Kuan said. She hopes to offer a class in Mandarin, but that is subject to more users in China adopting the service.

"I've always wanted to reach out to areas of the world and to certain populations where access to this level of talent or service is scarce but the need is great."


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