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We sell products, partners sell outcomes - CA Technologies (Part I)

Sathya Mithra Ashok | Nov. 29, 2013
In the first part of this interview, Carl Terrantroy, senior director, partner sales for ANZ at CA Technologies, speaks to Reseller News on the sidelines of the company's IT Leaders Forum in Auckland

That's the least successful business even in Australia. So we are focusing on getting some success there first. And I would say, more next year to have a look at which ones are over here. We have talked to CapGemini over here. I am not sure if their maturity is suitable for where we are at, and what we would like them to do as well. That is part of the problem. We can't make them align to our markets. They have got to be there as well.

Q: Do you have a timeline for taking on partners into each of your portfolios?

CT: In the next three to six months, we need our partner strategy here. In other words, finalise the recruitment. Our financial year starts in April. If I don't do it quick enough, then it won't make no impact on the next financial year. So that's the timeframe.

And we will always be recruiting new partners, because there will always be partners that fall off for various reasons, and you need to keep recruiting and topping up for those that keep falling off the sides.

Q: How often does that happen?

CT: That happens a lot. In Australia, we have got 27 partners that we manage. Three I have taken off this year, and replaced them with another three. It is almost like when we bring a new one in, I take one off.

If a partner is not generating business, it is not healthy for the organisation. It is just not. As much as I would like to stroke CA's ego and myself, and get more partners, if they are not active, what's the point? It is just better for both parties to agree that at the moment, the time is not right, it is just a business decision and we look at refocusing when perhaps things change. That could be when our portfolio changes, their focus changes, whatever is the case. I think it is just being mature about it and the goal is not to have lots of partners. The goal is to have enough partners who are productive.

We haven't done that in NZ, because we haven't got the scale yet, but we will. There is no question about that. I think you need to. We are all in it for business. And that's not to say we are harsh. You sign up with the best intentions, but for whatever reasons, it just doesn't pan out sometimes. And it is better to be on top of that fast than let it languish, avoid the difficult conversations and everyone gets bitter about it.

Q: Do you see the number of partners in NZ going up significantly?


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