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We sell products, partners sell outcomes - CA Technologies (Part I)

Sathya Mithra Ashok | Nov. 29, 2013
In the first part of this interview, Carl Terrantroy, senior director, partner sales for ANZ at CA Technologies, speaks to Reseller News on the sidelines of the company's IT Leaders Forum in Auckland

That's because with such a diverse portfolio we cannot afford to have enough skilled people, enough staff, enough sales people, enough delivery people -- we just can't. We need partners to fill that gap and take that on. And we are starting to get specific technologies into being partner-only markets, where we will still sell it, but as far as doing delivery and implementation and services and that we are after partners to take over 100% of it.

In Australia, we have had Hagrid, for instance. Basically, now there is all that delivery for service management. And that was quite a strategic thing -- that they could just do it at a rate and a proficiency level that was better than we could do. Then we could repurpose our staff into other technologies. We don't anymore need to hold skills in every single portfolio.

We are looking to replicate that in NZ. I recently had a conversation with the country manager here about that. Our goal here is to find about three partners in each of five portfolios. Certainly, we should be able to find couple of partners here, in at least four of them.

Currently, we've got one or two partners in those portfolios, perhaps in one of them we have got three partners, but we do need to get a bit more of a robust market here.

We are never going to be an organisation that chases 150 partners in NZ. In Australia, we have 27 partners that we manage. Here, we have got up to 12 strong, very active partners. We will always have an ecosystem that is bigger than that. But at any one time having more than 10 or 12 partners that are very active -- that is the level we are after, because that gives critical scale to the partners so they can be successful. That's quite important for us. We don't want to ever have the market saturated with partners here.

What we are after now is some of the GSPs. We are trying to recruit them to do some work here. Tech Mahindra is quite active for us in NZ. Probably easier to talk about who we are working with now and how they fit in those portfolios. We have got Eagle Technology working on our service management portfolio. They have got fantastic capability. I wish they were in Australia, quite frankly. They have got a great environment here.

Partners like Activate are very active around our application delivery business, especially in Wellington with the federal government. They are doing a tremendous job of creating that market for us. That's what our partners to do and why we want this to be partner market so they can invest.


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