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We mean business

Tim Mendham | Oct. 25, 2013
Having academic qualifications and experience in other fields helps RAMS' CIO Bettina Wilcox take an interdisciplinary approach to her job

She adds, perhaps with a sense of whimsy, that "technology impacts all areas and, maybe one day soon, technology will be regarded as an area of the business."

Within those technology areas, Wilcox says that mobility and digital tech are having "a huge and very exciting impact."

"Mobile really emphasises how close you are to the rest of the business, but more importantly, how close you are to your customer. And it's changing very fast. Working in the finance sector means balancing security and regulations with flexibility and agility to take on new innovations," she says.

"My view is that it's all about adding value to the business and shareholders."

IT contributes to shareholder value, she says, by doing the day-to-day tasks faster, smarter and at reduced cost; working on projects to grow the business.

"Technology teams are very lucky to be part of most projects and business initiatives."

And how does this help the IT department and, more specifically, the role of the CIO?

"Generally, there is power in viewing technology as another arm of the business and not some back room function," Wilcox says.

"We all share the vision of the organisation, even if our functions may be different. Regardless of the role, it is all about adding value to the customer and the business. Future CIOs needs to understand and contribute to the business they are in and be adaptable."

But can this be done easily?

"It's achievable," she says. "There are not many areas left across an organisation that technology doesn't touch, so it's about thinking of technology as part of the business.

"Working closely with other business areas, understanding the value the business brings to its customers and shareholders and be able to articulate how technology can and does add value."

So if you haven't got the message, it's all about the business, and the CIO needs to understand that IT means business in everything it does.


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