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WASD Keyboards WASD V2: This is the keyboard you've been looking for

Hayden Dingman | March 21, 2014
WASD Keyboard's WASD V2 is the ultimate tinkerer's keyboard. Like the Feenix Autore, the WASD V2 is focused more on aesthetics than frills. But where the Autore is a professionally designed, one-size-fits-all keyboard, the WASD V2 is your keyboard, because it's custom-built.

True N-key rollover is supported only with the included PS/2 adapter — USB users are stuck with modified 6-key rollover (you can depress up to six keys simultaneously, and the keyboard will recognize additional key presses after that). I haven't had any problems, but dedicated gamers who use a lot of keyboard shortcuts will want to make sure their PC has an available PS/2 port (a legacy port that's been disappearing from modern motherboards).

The V2's Home block doubles as a media-player controller: Play/Pause, Stop, and Volume Up share space with the Insert, Home, and Page Up keys; Skip Forward, Skip Back, and Volume Down share space with the Delete, End, and Page Down keys. If you order a WASD board, make sure you opt to have those behaviors engraved on the keys, or you'll never remember they exist.

The V2 doesn't deliver much in the way of custom behaviors, but WASD is always at the top of my list when I'm asked to recommend a keyboard. They're expensive — $145 to $160, and changing switches or adding dampeners can add to those prices — but these are some of the best simple keyboards around, and no other manufacturer allows as much factory customization.


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