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Was your email account hacked? PwnedList can tell you

Alex Wawro | Feb. 6, 2012
If you have an account with a company whose servers have been hacked, it’s nerve-wracking to wonder whether or not your private data has been leaked onto the Internet. Thankfully, a new Web service seeks to aggregate all the leaked account data on the Internet and make it easy for you to check and see if you’re on the list.

“We're working hard to make more metadata available on our site...including the name of the site/company that hosts the account, the number of accounts contained in the leak, the date we found the leak, and (if possible) the name of the hacker/group that we believe published the data,” says Puzic.

But ultimately that extra data, while helpful, doesn’t really matter; what matters is that sites like PwnedList help you take an active role in verifying whether your private data has been compromised. If you’re unlucky enough to find your favorite username or email address on the list, don’t panic! Chances are your data hasn’t been compromised yet, but to be safe, you should assume that you’re the victim of a data breach and take a few common-sense steps to recover from it. Update all your accounts with better passwords, put a fraud alert on your credit report, and monitor your financial statements for a few months for signs of tampering. For more tips, check out our guide to recovering from a data breach, and keep an eye on PwnedList as it continues to roll out more privacy protection services.


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