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U.S. CIO sees glitches as a 'teachable moment'

Kenneth Corbin | Oct. 30, 2013
The federal healthcare portal may have stumbled out of the gate, but CIO Steven VanRoekel says the rollout marks an important step forward as the government seeks to digitize its operations.

"One of the key things that I want to note, and this doesn't get a lot of coverage, and a lot of discussion out there in the public, is the boldness by which the approach was taken on this project. You know, we should all be proud of the fact that something this complex, this integrated to legacy systems -- and there are mainframes out there that this thing hooks to -- was done at Internet scale and taken online and this way," he said.

"I mean, just the fact that we have transactions moving between federal agencies, using open data, using modular development, using technology in a way that moves really from a 19th and 20th century government paper approach to an online approach is something we all should be proud of in the federal IT community. Thinking about that boldness is key to where we go forward," VanRoekel said.

Our goal here is to definitely fix this thing, make sure it's working, meet people's expectations, because I can assure you that our expectations are even higher than those outside of government. But I think we should be proud of the boldness by which we approached this."


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