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Twitter ups its search game: How it compares against G+ and Facebook's Open Graph

Ian Paul | Aug. 5, 2013
Beyond revamping its Windows 8 app, the self-styled information network upgraded the search capabilities on

Google+ Search
Similar to Facebook, Google+ takes a granular approach to its search results. Searching for Moto X, for example, returns a jumble of all possible results focusing mostly on popular posts. You also have menu options to refine your search to just People and pages, Communities, Google+ Posts, Photos, Hangouts, Events, and posts and people from your circles only.

Google+ offers a veritable smorgasbord of search results, but the search giant doesn't seem to be applying the same sort of intelligence on Google+ that you see on

Just as with Facebook and Twitter, Google failed the Moto X test and wasn't able to suggest Motorola's Google+ page as a relevant result when searching for the new smartphone. However, a search for Vancouver Canucks did surface that team's page as well as the National Hockey League's Google+ account.

A similar search for New York Yankees also surfaced the team's page as well as Major League Baseball's Google+ presence. Perhaps Google+ search is a little bit smarter than its competitors. But the best you can say for Google+ results is that relevant account results are hit or miss, as are Twitter's.

Search on social networks is getting a lot better than the old days when the best Facebook could do was surface a few people or page suggestions before pushing you off to Bing. But each company still has a long way to go if they want their search products to understand the intent of user searches and surface relevant data beyond just simple keyword queries.


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