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Twitter cofounder Biz Stone on Jelly's spectacular failure and the yet-to-be-determined success of Super

Leah Yamshon | March 17, 2015
At a SXSW session, Biz Stone explains why Jelly failed and how its demise made room for his next app, Super.

Because Super is still so new--it just launched in February--Stone says he doesn't quite know how to determine if it's successful or not. He considers Super and Jelly to have similar missions: Jelly is about helping people, where Super is about feeling empathy. Jelly is still in the store and still active--it still a core group of users, so they won't shut it down completely--but it hasn't been updated since December 2014. ("Does anyone want it?" he joked.) Basically, it's as good as dead: Stone pulled the whole team away from Jelly to work on Super. 

And if Super eventually crashes and burns, Stone won't be discouraged for too long. It'll just be on to the next project. 

"Creativity is a renewable resource," he said. "You never run out of it."


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