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Tuning in to iRadio: Why an Apple music streaming service would rock

Christopher Breen | June 6, 2013
If you've perused the Internet in the last little while, you're probably aware of the rumors of Apple's "iRadio" service--a streaming music service that would (if it became real) provide Pandora-like functionality to computers via iTunes, as well as to iOS devices. Such rumors naturally provoke questions: If such a thing existed, how would it differ from Pandora and other streaming services? And given that Pandora and its ilk do exist, what can Apple bring to the party that isn't already there? Let the conjecture begin.

And in the end
iRadio, rather than being Pandora's me-too clone, offers opportunities for all parties involved. We, the listeners, get more finely tuned stations, based on the music we own from a deep catalog of tracks; the music labels expose and target their wares to a broader audience (and likely make a decent amount of money for streaming their content as well as selling it); and Apple creates another compelling case for owning devices that can take advantage of the service.

This one will be interesting to watch. While it's possible Apple could roll it out as early as next week's Worldwide Developers Conference, it seems more likely to appear in the fall, when the company traditionally makes a big push on media and music products. Keep your eyes peeled.


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