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Trinity Magnum takes aim at the tricky problem of VR controls

Hayden Dingman | July 22, 2014
The Oculus Rift and a renewed interest in virtual reality has prompted a panic about controls--how do you intuitively and accurately manipulate a game while wearing what's essentially a blindfold?

So, like everything in VR these days, we're left with a veritable pile of unknowns. The landscape of VR changes at such a rapid pace, it's hard to know where any of this is going. We know we need better controls, but where will they come from and what form will they take?

The Magnum is an interesting prototype with a lot of potential, but I don't know if that's enough anymore. Let's not forget, the Rift isn't even officially available to the public yet, and a launch date for the eventual consumer release hasn't even been hinted at yet.

Will the Magnum be useful? Or will it end up next to two Rock Band guitars and a half-broken drumset in my closet, if it even manages to meet its $60,000 Kickstarter goal? That's the true question raised by the VR control schemes we've seen to date, and until the Oculus Rift and the various accessories created for it start landing in the hands of everyday users, it's a question that can't truly be answered.


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