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TrewGrip wants to change how you type on your mobile device

Philip Michaels | July 24, 2014
TrewGrip is for anyone who sees their mobile devices as a tool for getting things done but finds that an onscreen keyboard cramps their style.

The device makers seem to recognize that, and they've turned to the crowd discount model offered by PreLaunch as a way to bring down the cost. If enough people pre-order the TrewGrip, the price goes down. As of this writing, the keyboard was 27 orders away from knocking off 4 percent from the price. TrewGrip hopes to generate enough orders to drive down the price to $149 for anyone who preorders the keyboard. (Credit cards won't be charged until the end of the preorder campaign.)

The bottom line
TrewGrip's to be congratulated for developing something different and for continuing to develop that product even after the bright lights of CES have faded away. I think there are mobile workers and productivity fiends who will embrace a device that helps them more easily type on their mobile devices, even if it takes a little training to get used to keyboard layout. I also know that I'm not one of them--not at that price.

It's an unconventional product, and in that sense, it's a shame that there's not an unconventional way to get it in the hands of more would-be buyers for a test drive. It's really only when you can hold the TrewGrip in your own hands that you'll know if it's the answer to your productivity prayers--and whether that price tag is worth it to you.


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