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Transitions Optical sharpens its business vision

Zafirah Salim | Oct. 21, 2014
Brand, technology, operational efficiency and distribution make up the company’s four strategic pillars, said Stuart Cannon, General Manager of Transitions Optical.

"The data and analytics collected combined with the existing relationships we have built with key players in the industry provides cross-sharing of knowledge and allows Transitions to adapt our strategies in a timely manner to continue leading the industry with improved products, services and manufacturing processes," said Cannon.

Besides partnering with major optical lens manufacturers in traditional prescription eyewear category, Transitions Optical has pro-actively worked with partners to determine the best joint solutions to address specific challenges encountered by different industry players.

For instance, Transitions has collaborated with brands such as Nike, Oakley, Callaway and Shoei, to expand its product offerings with an adaptive sunwear range, which is designed to enhance vision during outdoor sports or activities.

"Transitions also continues to explore options with supply chain, manufacturing and commercial operations," said Cannon. "We work closely with partners to improve service, quality and efficiency to streamline the supply chain to allow more consumers to have greater access to Transitions lenses every day."

Such partnerships has helped to boost the company's product distribution as well as enhanced its operational efficiency, said Cannon, adding that these two elements make up Transitions' final two pillars. Summing up the four strategic pillars, Cannon underlined that they are critical in helping the company to constantly improve its products, services and quality.

The optical industry landscape in APAC

"The global optical industry is expected to continue its growth and expansion in the next few years. Asia Pacific has been identified as a fast-emerging regional market and is projected to have much higher growth levels than Europe and North America," said Cannon.

There are a number of factors that help to support this trend, he added. Firstly, more people in the region require vision correction, especially with an increased access to better eye testing facilities.

Secondly, Asians will continue to become more educated about the need for vision correction and the importance of eye protection which would motivate them to seek out the various options for corrective vision.

Lastly, there is a growing middle class in the region with higher disposable income levels. Together with greater awareness, this makes them more willing in invest in quality options for their optical needs.

"Given the above factors and the healthy outlook for the optical industry, Asia Pacific is thus vital to the ongoing success and growth of Transitions Optical, and it will remain to be one of our key regions," said Cannon.

And as the new General Manager of the company - now his fourth month into the job - Cannon shared that he aims to ensure that Transitions has the right combination of technologies and product offerings that meet the needs of eyeglass wearers in the region, while continuing to work and grow with Transitions' partners to make its products available to everyone across the region.


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