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Transitions Optical sharpens its business vision

Zafirah Salim | Oct. 21, 2014
Brand, technology, operational efficiency and distribution make up the company’s four strategic pillars, said Stuart Cannon, General Manager of Transitions Optical.

Transitions Optical is such a strong brand that people often mistakenly term all photochromic lenses as "transitions lenses".

Transitions is in fact the first to successfully commercialise plastic photochromic lenses, way back in the 1990s. In the last few years, Transitions has continued to make significant advances in colour science and lens materials, creating a better photochromic experience for its consumers.

"Ongoing innovation to expand our portfolio of brands and products to continually provide varied solutions for lens wearers has successfully helped to position Transitions as the leader in the industry," said Stuart Cannon, General Manager of Transitions Optical.

"This has resulted in Transitions being the 'category name' for photochromic lenses, which we view positively as it ensures that Transitions lenses are the number one choice for photochromic lenses among consumers," he added, whilst emphasising that brand is a key strategic pillar to the company.

Innovate to elevate

Another strategic pillar to the company is technology, and Cannon feels that this element is critical to Transitions' past and future successes.

He added that the company has a dedicated commitment to innovation, and that research and innovation is critical in contributing to the growth of the company.

"Our team of over 70 research and development professionals are continuously innovating our products and we continued to make significant advances in photochromic technology, creating a better vision experience that's available to more people," said Cannon. "In fact, we're the only photochromic lens brand that has a range of products to cater to anyone who wants an adaptive lens."

For instance, its signature lenses have had a history of continuous innovation. Newer models with more advanced technology - focused on improving responsiveness to a broad spectrum of light and smooth adaptation - were regularly launched, raising the bar for photochromic performance of impact-resistant and ultrathin plastic eyeglass lenses.

Currently, the Transitions Signature lenses are utilising the latest photochromic technology. Called Chromea7, this new dye formulation allows the lenses to be more reactive to indirect and reflected sunlight.

"In addition to our photochromic technology, we continuously look to refine our testing processes to ensure the versatility and adaptability of our lenses to provide the most optimal visual experiences for our lens users. One of our newest testing processes is the Life360 testing methodology, which combines three types of testing, including traditional laboratory measurement, wearers' trials and real life tests in over 200 conditions in various locations around the world including Asia," said Cannon.

Building partnerships to solidify business

Consumer trends are always changing within the optical industry. To keep up with these demands, Transitions engages research companies to gain a broader understanding of consumer trends and demands in the optical markets.


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