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Toshiba embraces pen-based computing with new Windows tablets, Portege hybrid

Gordon Mah Ung | Jan. 7, 2015
Toshiba's new Windows tablets and convertibles embrace pens over touch alone.

Portege gets updated too
Toshiba also went back to the drawing board for the pens that come with its Portege convertibles. The original Portege Z10t had a Wacom option, and for new Portege Z20t, Toshiba improves upon it by adding a backup pen

Anyone who actually uses a pen-based PC such as Surface Pro knows how easy is to lose the pen, but with the Portege Z20t, if you've removed the tablet from the keyboard and forgot your pen at your desk, you can pull a tiny backup pen out from the tablet and have your boss sign that expense report he's been ducking for the last month.

toshiba portege z20t pens
GORDON MAH UNG. Toshiba's new Portege Z20T convertible features Wacom pens and cleverly tucks a backup pen into the tablet too.

That's far from the only change. The Z20t has also been updated with a Broadwell-based Core M processor, an M.2 SSD up to 512GB in size, and more importantly, a keyboard that isn't so razor thin that it looks and feels unbalanced. (That's something the Z10t seriously suffered from.)

When docked, you'd be hard pressed to tell that the Z20t is a convertible at all, and it's sturdy enough that you can pick it up from the tablet side without fear of it flopping around. The keyboard dock now features a built-in battery too. In tablet mode, the Z20t gives you a respectable 9.1 hours of run time but docked, you'll get a stupendous 17.5 hours, Toshiba claims. Taking advantage of the thicker dock, it now has a d-sub port for VGA output, Gigabit ethernet, and two USB 3.0 ports in the keyboard.

The Z20t starts at $1,400 and will be available this month.

toshiba canvio basics 2tb 2
TOSHIBA. This Toshiba Canvio features a 2TB drive but a slightly thicker version the company is announcing will pack in a new 3TB laptop hard drive.

Toshiba 3TB laptop drive quietly arrives 
In other notable CES news from Toshiba, the company is announcing a 3TB Canvio external USB 3.0 drive. Yawn right? No, don't yawn. Even though 4TB USB 3.0 portable hard drives have been available for some time, those have used two 2TB drives in RAID or JBOD configurations to achieve that capacity. The 3TB Canvio will use a single new Toshiba 2.5-inch HDD to reach its capacity.

For laptop data pack rats, that means you should soon expect to see a significant increase in your ability to store all those pictures and Linux distros you've downloaded from the Internet.


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