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Three distraction-free tools that force you to focus on your tasks

Ian Paul | Feb. 2, 2015
Computers are both a blessing and a curse when it comes to getting work done. They make it so much more efficient to create the next great novel or balance the books than doing the same task on paper. But they are also a distraction machine, tempting us with Netflix streaming, Facebook, YouTube, games, and more.

Then you fire up the app — it takes over all of your PC's screens, secondary monitors included — and get typing. If you set a specific goal such as a word count or time duration the app will not exit until the goal has been reached. Period. There's no secret escape key, no menu option, nothing. You are locked in until you're done.

If you don't set a goal then FORCEdraft behaves similar to other distraction-free text editors; it allows you to escape at any time by clicking on the app logo at the top of the screen and selecting Save and exit.

FORCEDraft is free, but you get some extras if you opt for the $10 Pro version such as themes and a status bar.


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