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Three Apple Watch features that will make you think differently about smartwatches

Philip Michaels | Sept. 10, 2014
Not impressed by the parade of wearables you've seen so far? Neither is Philip Michaels. But after laying hands on the Apple Watch, he saw a trio of features that make Apple's forthcoming gadget a pretty compelling piece of wristwear.

Telling people they've got to shell out at least $349 for a watch is a big ask, particularly when they also have to pony up for an iPhone to pair it with. (The Apple Watch will work with the iPhone 5 and later, so if you've already got compatible hardware at least that's a cost you've already borne.) Before I saw the Apple Watch in action, I would have said that's almost too steep a price to pay. Having now strapped one to my wrist and seen how the controls work, though, I think it's a pretty compelling device that could become even more so as more information about the watch comes to light. And that's coming from a guy who doesn't wear watches.

Source: TechHive


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