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This sticker can wirelessly charge your smartphone or tablet

Lucas Mearian | May 26, 2016
The wireless charging pad can send electricity to multiple brand devices at the same time.

The challenge for alternative wireless charging-pad technologies aiming toward mobile phones is that right now, there's no standard, Green said, and the technology would have to replace the incumbent technology of magnetic inductive charging.

Guédou, however, said unlike the most widespread technology today, induction charging, Energysquare's induction technology doesn't require a "tight coupling" with a charging pad, and users can simply drop their device anywhere on it and it will charge. 

Additionally, Guédou said, Energysquare's conductive wireless charging loses far less energy (1% to 2%) than magnetic resonance. The average electromagnetic inductive charging technology has an efficiency rating of about 86%, meaning 14% of the energy is lost in transition.

Each individual square of the Energysquare's charging pad can deliver up to 25 watts of power.

"With the right power adapter, the small surface can deliver up to 200W," Guédou said. "Induction standards usually go up to 5W. The benefits are twofold: in the short term, we can put as many devices as needed on the same pad. In the medium term, we have the potential to charge every kind of electronic device: laptops, drones, wireless earphones, weather station, etc."

Wireless charging  
Energysquare's SquareOne charging pad charging multiple smartphones at the same time. Credit: Energysquare

Regardless of what technologies may already be in the market, Guédou said Energysquare's is superior in that it addresses the issue that most of today's mobile devices don't have native wireless charging - and this is a simple solution.

"Our product development has been driven by the simple idea that our devices spend a lot of time on surfaces, so we want to make the most of that time," he said. "I think we can bring something completely different on the market."


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