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This Internet Life: EA drops its CEO and Reddit loves safes

Jonathan Hamilton | March 25, 2013
EA drops its CEO, Reddit goes gaga over a safe, and a new trend in animated GIFs.

Shaking faces are pretty hilarious, actually

So there's this thing on the Internet that has grown in popularity in recent months. All it requires is a picture of something funny, and then for it to shake in .gif format. This gives viewers a strange and unexpected urge to laugh. Probably the laziest form of gif-making on the entire internet, it is easy to see why this has recently become so popular. In addition, shaky gifs can help to express a variant of emotion that a stationary image might lack, such as anger, excitement, or Oh, who am I kidding? It's a lazy attempt at gif-making and we all know it. Pass it by without a second thought, though a light chuckle would suffice.


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