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These are the 4 best Twitter clients for each smartphone OS

Sarah Jacobsson Purewal | May 22, 2013
We picked our favorite free Twitter apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, and BlackBerry 10.

What I like most about Twicca is its readability. Sure, it's not as customizable as some Twitter apps are--it has only two themes, dark and light--but it boasts a neat feature that helps you scroll through tweets quickly and efficiently. For each account you follow, you can pick a color label (the app offers ten colors), which then allows you to prioritize what you look at when you're viewing your stream. I like to color-code my tweets into work and personal groups, but you can mix up the color labels however you want.

Twicca may not be outwardly customizable, but you can tweak some settings. For example, you can choose whether to see all profile pics as high-res, and you can download third-party plug-ins to extend the functionality of the app. Plug-ins available include, Twitpic, and a translation helper by Google Translate. Twicca does have some drawbacks--its multiple-account management isn't as seamless as I'd like, since it has no individual push notifications for each account (only the default account)--but overall it's a great app that offers welcome relief from Twitter overload.

Windows Phone 8: TweetCaster
While Twitter apps abound on iOS and Android, they're not quite as pervasive on the Windows Phone store. But that doesn't mean they don't exist--TweetCaster, for example, is a free multiplatform app that works well and looks great on Windows Phone 8.

TweetCaster, which is also available for iOS and Android, offers several features that Twitter users will want in their back pocket. It includes multiple-account management (with Facebook integration), list creation and advanced profile management, and Instapaper/ReadItLater functionality. TweetCaster looks good on WP8, with a dark gray background, customizable font sizes, and, of course, scrollable screens. The main TweetCaster page features several screens: timeline, mentions, messages, favorites, and lists. Tap the three-dot icon at the bottom of the screen, though, and you'll see several more features, including trends, people (see those you're following and those who are following you), and a "nearby" option that shows tweets from your area as well as a people search, suggested users, browsable interests, and saved searches.

Although TweetCaster has a lot of functionality for a WP8 Twitter client, it's not quite as awesome as its iOS and Android counterparts. One of this version's main omissions (that the Android client has) is the ability to schedule tweets for future posting. However, if you're a nonprofessional Twitter user, TweetCaster for WP8 should have everything you need.

BlackBerry 10: Twitter
Not everyone needs advanced Twitter functionality; some people just want to read through their feed and occasionally tweet while on the go. For those people, Twitter's main Twitter client is actually a great choice. Twitter is a free app (without ads!) available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, and BlackBerry 10. Plus, the BB10 app has recently gotten a new feature: Universal Search, which lets users see more content (including related profiles and searches) when they search.


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