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The week in security: APTs up, skills down as Facebook Home ban advised

David Braue | April 15, 2013
A look at the security concerns for the week.

Technological changes abounded as Mozilla moved to block third-party cookies by default, Microsoft's latest Patch Tuesday left an Internet Explorer zero-day untouched, and Ubisoft took its Uplay service offline until it fixes a security issue that lets hackers download games.

Although there was some dispute about the impact of an Anonymous cyberattack on Israel, there was less disagreement over the punishment for a carder involved in the 2008 RBS WorldPay ATM heist, who was givena prison sentence of over seven years.

He's not the only one targeting banks, however: the Skylock bank information-stealing Trojan has been upgraded with new capabilities, according to a Symantec report. The Bitcoin virtual currency suffered striking fluctuations in value after software couldn't keep up with an influx of new buyers. And, yet, some hackers are broadening their horizons, with supply chain systems apparently proving tempting for some.

A US House Intelligence Panel has voted 18-2 to OK the controversial CISPA information-sharing bill after a closed-door meeting - attracting ire from critics who argue it's still mainly about government surveillance. The White House has said it won't support CISPA in its current form, while UK authorities had other issues on their minds after noting a Ministry of Justice database access hole was reported to an Opposition MP.


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