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The week in iOS accessories: wood you?

Joel Mathis | Aug. 10, 2012
How much wood would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood to make iPhone accessories? We tackle those questions and more in this week’s roundup of new iOS accessories.

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood to make iPhone accessories? We tackle those questions and more in this weeks roundup of new iOS accessories.

Arkon: The $45 SuperCharge Windshield Docking Mount comes with a pretty self-explanatory name: The device allows you to mount your iPhone on the interior of your cars windshield while youre driving, and it includes a cord that lets you power up your device while on the road. It should come in handy for drivers who use their phones GPS capabilities to navigate unfamiliar streets; its compatible with the iPhone 3GS, 4, and 4S.

Denon: The $599 Cocoon is a sleek iOS-dock speaker system that doesnt need to actually be docked to play your music, its AirPlay compatibility makes it available to wirelessly stream music from any of your iOS devices or computers. (It also comes with a built-in Internet radio, so you can listen to music even when your phone is tucked away.) If the Cocoon is attractive but seems a bit much, you can always opt for the $499 Cocoon Portable, a smaller system. Both Cocoon models will be available later this summer.

Desk Pets: The $30 CarBot is a remote-controlled car that can race around the house at high speeds. The remote control, of course, is an app on your iOS device that, in tandem with an adapter plugged into your iPhones headphone jack, sends the signals needed to steer, speed, and brake your tiny CarBot. Each car uses included rechargeable batteries; 40 minutes of charge will give you about 25 minutes of play.

GroovBoard: We cant help but notice that an increasing number of iOS accessories use natural wood and old-school construction techniques to create something a little earthier and more elegant than your usual plastic and faux-leather add-ons. Sure enough, the GroovBoard line of iPad standseach designed to accommocate an iPad and Apples Wireless Keyboardare hand-crafted, one by one, by a local carpenter in Bavaria. There are six different models, each made from a different variety of wood, starting at $69 apiece.

iChargeIt: The $130 Portfolio II is a charging case for the latest-generation iPad. While powering up your tablet, it can also be used for productivity, since it includes a Bluetooth keyboard. The Portfolio II also includes pockets for notebooks, cards, and other tools of the business professionals trade. A kickstand lets you view the iPads screen in landscape orientation, and a shoulder strap lets you tote your iPad easily. The whole thing is made from leather for, as the company says, maximum durability.

iDevices: Do you wish you could spend more time listening to music while bathing? The $100 iShower makes it possible to stream music wirelessly from your iPhone or iPad to a water-resistant speaker system you can listen to in the shower or bath, or at the pool. The iShower offers wireless range of 200 feet, and the device comes with a clock display so you dont forget to get out of the shower and go to work.


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