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The top 7 second-screen apps for supplementing your Major League Baseball experience

Michael Ansaldo | March 31, 2015
When Major League Baseball gets underway next week, don't limit your enjoyment to watching the game in person or on your living-room big screen. These days, apps running on a second screen--a smartphone or tablet--are becoming as integral to watching the game as cold beer and peanuts.

MLB PrePlay

With frequent pitching changes, manager challenges, and between-inning interviews slowing the pace of the game, it can be tough for the most hardcore fan to stay engaged. MLB PrePlay can help keep you focused on the action by adding a game within the game.

Rather than numb you with an avalanche of statistics, this free

app tests your baseball IQ and predictive powers by having you guess the outcomes of the game while you watch. Before the first pitch is thrown, you make your picks for the winning team and the pitchers' lines. Once the game starts, you make in-game predictions for each batter, such as will he get a hit, a walk, or an out. Extra points are earned by correctly predicting details about the types of hit or out.

There are additional between-inning challenges, such as predicting a 1-2-3 inning or the number of pitches thrown. A chat feature lets you trash talk with other fans watching the same game, and when the on-field contest is over PrePlay ranks your score against all that game's other participants. PrePlay also offers a 1-on-1 challenge that pits you against a single opponent for one inning in a battle for bragging rights. (Android, iOS)


If you're a fantasy baseball owner, you've got an additional stake in the season. This free app is your own personal scout, keeping you apprised of what all your fantasy players are doing while you're tuned into the real games. You can track individual players or whole teams in real time, with enough stats to make a sabermetrician swoon.

The app also offers comprehensive reports so you can ferret out the hottest (and coldest) players to beef up your roster. Customize your notifications to alert you when one of your players steps up the plate, gets injured or otherwise makes news. And because OwnersBox also provides NFL, NBA, and NHL stats, you can keep using it once you've won your fantasy baseball league trophy. (Android, iOS)


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