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The top 10 memes, viral videos, and online goings-on that defined 2014

Nick Mediati | Jan. 2, 2015
What was it for you—Kitten Jam? The Ice Bucket Challenge? Relive some of the hottest happenings on the Internet from the past year.

5. Charitable giving goes viral
No list of memes and viral videos would be complete without the Ice Bucket Challenge. It started sometime in 2013 as a way to raise money for charity, but it became primarily a way to support ALS research. And by the summer of 2014, it became something of a cultural phenomenon.

How popular was the ice bucket challenge? So popular that even the CEOs of all the biggest names in tech took part in the frenzy.

Not everyone was on board, though: Will Oremus at Slate criticized the Ice Bucket Challenge, saying, "More than anything else, the ice bucket videos feel like an exercise in raising awareness of one's own zaniness, altruism, and/or attractiveness in a wet T-shirt." He instead encouraged his readers to just give money without drenching themselves with ice water.

Still, the Ice Bucket Challenge seems to have worked: The ALS Foundation says it has received over $115 million in donations since late July.

6. Joe Biden as Joe Biden
Vice President Joe Biden is no stranger to memes, and he got the Internet's attention a couple of times this year, especially when, well, when this happened back in January.

A recent addition to The Legend of Biden is the Sad Joe Biden meme, in which people write captions for a photo of Biden staring out a window at the White House.

7. Cats turn down for...something
Cats still rule the Internet--we know this to be a fact. Combine adorable kittens with electronic dance music and you get Kitten Jam. The video features two cats bobbing their heads to DJ Snake and Lil Jon's "Turn Down For What," and I could watch it on repeat for hours.


8. Devil Baby Attacks!
What would you do if you heard a baby crying in a stroller with no sign of the child's parents in sight? You'd probably walk over and investigate, right? That's exactly what the hapless folks who were lured in by the Devil Baby did, only to have the everliving crap scared out of them.

The Devil Baby, of course, isn't really the spawn of Satan; instead, it's an animatronic creation from the folks behind the film Devil's Due. Very funny...unless you fall for it.

9. The Internet won't let it go, let it go
The storm of attention surrounding Disney's Frozen raged on in 2014 (it never bothered me, anyway), and it's carried over to YouTube. Do a quick search for "let it go parody" on YouTube, and you'll get over a million results.


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