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The six mindsets of effective leadership

Lou Markstrom | Oct. 24, 2014
Lou Markstrom lists the ways you can lead a high performance organisation.

Mindset 4: Have the courage to be candid
If there is something that you don't think is working, say so. Most people don't like conflict and very often seek to avoid it. Not all conflict is bad.

When handled properly, conflict can be good. It can be a constructive process that leads to innovation and solutions that would not have been seen without it. This means not taking it personally and separating it from emotions.

Having the courage to be candid is also around your own capabilities and weaknesses. Once you've identified your weaknesses, you can go to work on them or hire people for your team who will fill in those gaps.

Mindset 5: Prepare for and embrace change
If you fight, resist or ignore change, be prepared for a negative impact on your team, organisation and career. The IT profession is about change and change is the one constant.

Change can come in many forms: technology, corporate culture, business direction, industry direction, geographic landscape, legal requirement, or security threats. No matter the nature of the change, the skill required is to be aware of its potential and capable of analysing how to deal with it.

Mindset 6: Handling complexities
Our success revolves around our relationships with our clients, peers, and staff. We must be able to anticipate, understand, respect and work through these relationships and all the complexities associated with them.

It is frequent interaction and relationship building that will enable you to see and predict what's coming down the road in the future.

A good suggestion is to develop a relationship strategy. Identify five or six key people who you need to develop a relationship with (clients or executive team members) and then once you have built those relationships, create a new list and keep doing this on an on-going basis, developing relationships in a genuine and unforced manner.


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