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The secrets of OS X's text tools

Kirk McElhearn | March 11, 2014
When you write in a word processor or text editor on OS X, you might want the app to do more than record your words as unadorned plain text. In addition to specifying formatting (such as font style and type size), you may want to insert things like smart (or "curly") quotes and live, clickable links. You may want your spelling and grammar to be checked as you type. And you may wish to insert certain bits of text automatically, to save time.


The Transformations menu lets you change the case of selected text. Want to change something to ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, without retyping it? Select the text, right- or Control-click, and choose Transformations > Make Upper Case. If you want to Capitalize A Bunch Of Words, you can do that, too: Transformations > Capitalize. And the Make Lower Case option puts all the selected text back into little letters.

These built-in text tools can save you a lot of time, while making your documents look better. And they aren't hard to use, once you know where they are.


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