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The season for quantifying enterprise happiness

Mark Gibbs | Dec. 3, 2012
Hitachi has a system that can analyze how happy your organization is and maybe even re-engineer it to make it happier!

In short, these guys are sort of like Santa; they know when you are happy, they know when you're awake, they know if you've interacted well, when you're tracked for corporate sake.

What is even more interesting is that from the analysis recommendations for re-engineering both the physical and social aspects of an organization can be made. While detailed case studies have yet to be published, the Spectrum paper claims some interesting results.

Imagine applying this kind of technology in your enterprise ... tracking everyone and their interactions and then doing things such as strategically modifying office layouts and reporting structures to improve the social atmosphere, as well as telling users about their own behavior so they know objectively what they are and are not doing to create a positive work environment.

While it may all sound rather ambitious and maybe even Big Brotherish, there's no doubt that many of us could be a lot happier at work even when it's not Happy Holiday time.



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