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The rise of industrial espionage

AvantiKumar | Nov. 27, 2012
Interview: an important aspect of cyber crime is the theft of commercial intellectual property, according to WatchGuard's Asia Pacific VP.

In addition, WatchGuard also provides XCS appliances DLP [data leakage prevention] and encryption technologies as a solution to IP [intellectual property] theft. The XCS appliances can parse more than 400 different files types, via e-mail or the Web, to monitor any confidential data leaving the premises. This may also be done to monitor BYOD as it can identify when mobile users send confidential data to themselves. E-mail encryption can be applied on extremely sensitive documents to protect them when they are being used outside the organisation.

Today's increasingly blended threats require blended solutions. A customer who chose to purchase all the different pieces of the UTM [unified threat management] product separately and configure them all separately would still have all the best in class tools, but they would not be able to set security policy across all of them simply and effectively. With WatchGuard's UTMs, all the Best in Class modules are combined together into a single, unified management interface, letting users set a common policy across all the tools, creating a blended solution.

What more should governments be doing to protect intellectual property rights [IPR] and what would be your advice to Malaysian companies, especially those dealing in sensitive research such as biotechnology?

Ensure the laws protecting IPR are being enforced and any breach should be subject to severe punishment which is actually carried out.

In addition, educating business leaders, professionals about Intellectual property; the right of enterprises and individuals in protecting and managing the value is critical as well.

Malaysia companies should:

 - Make sure the data and systems are protected sufficiently and significantly.

- Limit access to sensitive and valuable information to strictly authorised personnel only.

- Check and recheck on safety and status of the devices used by staff on BYOD periodically and limit usage of such devices according to the hierarchical status of the staff.


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