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The promises of “Omni-Channel” retailing

Zafar Anjum | July 16, 2013
Clicks and bricks is the future of retail, says Anand Mehta, the director for Retail Industry at Motorola Solutions for SEA, India, Japan and Korea

Now a third emerging space in this and we are in active discussion with the best landlords in the region for this is indoor mapping. So everybody has the blue dot outdoors. Traditionally that has been a space that's been established solidly over the past 6-7 years. We see the next 24 months for indoor mapping as critical.

What is indoor mapping?

Within the store or within the mall. So if you are at the entrance of Mall A and the kids want to go off for a bite to eat, the wife wants to go shopping for female apparel and the guys wants to go to the sports store, you can allocate individual directions. Now you combine that with all the data intelligence that you have gathered and you can start giving these guys coupons on their journey. It's wonderful and it's going to be big here. We are having some very advanced discussions with some very prominent retail landlords.

And last, certainly not least is the consumer is spending so much of their life in digital form either surfing the web or on a mobile device that they have grown accustomed to the product knowledge depth and the price comparison depth that you can get through online still doesn't exist in the retail store.

The reason they got shopped out online wasn't just price. It was information, product information and product comparison. So we can now enable that in-store. So basically retailers definitely have to consider a fresh approach. These are the new five attributes of retail and they have to address that. 

Key things they have to look into here is that they have to blur the channels, they have to align the shoppers online experience with the in-store experience. They have to use in-store locationing to start individualising experiences and last but certainly not least, they have to use live analytics while the shopper is in your store at the point of purchase. There is no point doing something with historical data. It's now, it's live, it's got to be in the store.


So we have got an approach and solution to this which we term as the "Connected Shopper" keeping in mind with the five new retail attributes and it's basically a mobile-driven engagement completely based on technology that will synergise "Clicks and Bricks." It makes personalisation a reality and it completely differentiates an in-door experience.

So from one shoe store to another, from one luxury store to another, from one grocery store to another, we can deliver individual experiences. So the value that it brings to a retailer pretty simply is we use in-sight analytics in real-time triggers; so in the store with the mobile coupon, in the consumer's hand phone, where it matters.


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