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The PC is one step away from extinction

Rodney Byfield | Nov. 21, 2013
One of the worst tech industry predictions of all time may turn out to be true, argues Rodney Byfield.

However, it's plausible that PC will be relegated to the "war horse" stable - required only for certain people in certain industries.

Schools are also contributing to the PC market's inevitable demise. This year, my son's school allocated tablets to each student, instead of the usual laptop they were given in the past. Many schools are following this pattern, replacing PCs and laptops with tablets and smart devices.

As most schools have a 3 to 5 year PC replacement cycle, we are yet to see the full market affect of this change from traditional PC learning. Taking that one step further, if the students of today are using tablets at school, the workers of tomorrow are not going to want anything less.

Operating systems are another casualty of the mobile boom. With the swift uptake of mobile apps, operating systems such as Linux, Unix, and even the goliath of operating systems Microsoft Windows, may be on the cusp of becoming redundant.

You may remember in 1997, Microsoft's former CTO, Nathan Myhrvold famously said in Wired Magazine, "Apple is already dead."

Ironically, in an almost comical turn of events, the once mega operating system and software provider, which is heavily reliant on PC sales, is trying to catch up to its supposedly dead little cousin.

But that's another story. No matter how you look at it, the PC's days of dominance are gone. Extinction is looming.


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