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The PC fights back: U.S. sales decline is slowing

Brad Chacos | July 16, 2013
Last week, the headlines screamed that computer shipments had plunged roughly 11 percent in the second quarter, after dropping a disastrous 14 percent the quarter before that. While it's hardly good news, we've known for a while that the rise of tablets, "good-enough computing," and (maybe, just maybe) a lackluster response to Windows 8's new-look interface have been bad for PC sales.

Indeed, the PC's stall is due to a wide variety of factors, but that's a whole different story. For now, rejoice in the fact that, while things are still looking down, the PC industry's prospects aren't quite as bleak as they appeared earlier this year. And hey! If you consider tablets to be PCs in yet another form factor, the future has never looked brighter.


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