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The next corporate revolution will be power to the peons

Lucas Mearian | June 5, 2013
'Bureaucracy has to die,' says business consultant at CITE Conference.

"If you don't think you're getting the help you need, you don't agree with a decision, something's getting in your way, you fill out a ticket on that department or that individual," Hamel said. "They have to come close the ticket with you. Only the employee can close the ticket. If you don't close the ticket, 24 hours later it get escalated to the level of management. So it's only about three or four days away from [the CEO's] desk."

In the first month the trouble ticket program was rolled out, workers created 30,000 tickets, Hamel said.

"The moment you stop adding value, your power, your influence should start receding," he said. "Power and influence needs to be like water. It flows to the competent and away from the incompetent with very few barriers."


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