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The need to embrace omnichannel retailing: hybris

Nurdianah Md Nur | May 26, 2014
As consumers today are purchasing items through various ways – be it mobile phones, PCs or brick-and-mortar stores – retailers need to adopt an omnichannel approach to provide a seamless shopping experience.

Q: How should enterprises in Asia address the challenge of ensuring customer satisfaction across all their customer touchpoints?
The best way is to co-operate with a trusted technology partner in deploying an omnichannel strategy, one that has the local and regional facilities to support the operations of different channels. Enterprise functionalities have to align with the specific needs of respective retail categories to address, be it fashion and department stores, sporting goods, hardware stores and DIY,  grocery stores and so on.  By providing a solution that gives consumers a single view of a retailer's brand across physical and online channels, users will be able to easily find information about brands, stores and products as well as comparisons and ratings. This not only helps maintain the relationship and communication between customers and brands but also enables consumers to start, stop and resume shopping across any device or in physical stores.

Surveys have been conducted to determine customers' complaints about online shopping; the hassle factor of having to enter a lot of personal information, concerns over securityand lack of internet access at POS were identified as the key challenges. So enterprises have to take into account of common concerns and address them through customised processes.

Lastly, prices need to be consistent across digital and physical channels in order for retailers to be seen as "trusted sellers." Enterprises will also need to be able to support standard pricing with discounts, coupons and promotions made accessible in stores and across any touch point for consumers when they check out.


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