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The MacBook doesn't need more ports, just a good dock

Jason Snell | March 19, 2015
We already have great Thunderbolt docks. Now we just need one for USB-C.

The Belkin dock isn't cheap--the new one goes for $300--but I really love its flexibility. This is the kind of product I hope we see for USB-C systems. The MacBook's one port isn't a big issue if you can plug it in to a single cable in order to gain access to a whole host of different devices.

When I set up my Thunderbolt dock in my home office, it was connected to Gigabit Ethernet, several USB devices, a speaker system via an audio-out jack, and my external monitor. I'd plop my MacBook Air, lid closed, into a Twelve South BookArc, and suddenly I had a fully connected desktop computer.

In fact, even though I've now splurged on the iMac with Retina 5K, I've kept the Thunderbolt dock around. Rather than having a whole bunch of cables running out the back of my iMac (which floats above my desk, mounted on an adjustable arm), I've got only two: the power cable and a Thunderbolt cable running to the dock. (I probably wouldn't spend $300 on a dock just to reduce cable clutter, but I know some people who might. And I had the dock already, so...)

So far there haven't been too many USB-C peripheral announcements. Belkin has preannounced some cables. But I'm excited about the possibilities that USB-C provides. Someone will make a great USB-C docking device, and MacBook users will be grateful for it.


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