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The Macalope Weekly: So much better than Apple

The Macalope | Feb. 4, 2013
As if you needed any more evidence, the Macalope this week brings you three tales of how Apple's competitors are once again smoking the company with the winning. Your feeble 128GB iPad is no match for the computing power of the Surface, Apple!

Yet the best way for the company to prove it is not past its prime would be for it to disrupt another big market.

True! What we disagree on is what is a reasonable time frame in which to expect it to do so.

Yet even if it produces a cheaper iPhone, pushes deep into China and wows the world with a smart TV, its shares will not reconquer last year's peak. Competition is now tougher in its core markets. Rivals will not let it disrupt new ones so easily.

OK, stop. How, exactly, have Apple's rivals shown that they are any better suited to prevent the company from disrupting new markets than they were in 2001, when the iPod was introduced? Or in 2007, when the iPhone was introduced? Or in 2010, when the iPad was introduced? Every few years or so we are resoundingly told that there is categorically no way that the next Apple product will be anything other than a dismal failure, because the category has already been tried and there's nothing there. Then Apple thinks around the problem and everyone coughs uncomfortably for three years and the whole thing starts all over again.

That may eventually be the case, but so far the onus is on Apple's detractors to prove it. Because the company's track record shows otherwise. Come on, you're the ones who have been wrong, not Apple.

The Macalope's not always right about Apple. He thought iOS would do better than it has in terms of market share versus Android, and he didn't expect iPads to do so well in the enterprise market. So maybe he's wrong again and Apple will be content to shovel out incremental upgrades for the rest of its existence.

But that doesn't sound like the Apple we've come to know. Steve Jobs didn't just run the company, he rebuilt the company. Does it seem likely he rebuilt it to be a timid tweaker of existing product lines? Not to this be-antlered observer.

Saying a thing makes it true

Move over, Apple, because Samsung is the new hotness. How do we know? Someone wrote it on the Internet.

"Samsung Just Can't Stop Beating Apple."

This tiny string of anecdotes flimsily strung together by the Atlantic Wire's Rebecca Greenfield doesn't lie, people!

Samsung has won the latest round of its neverending patent war with Apple ...

Yeah, remember that $1 billion judgement against Samsung that Apple scored in the middle of last year? Well, get this! Samsung totally won against Apple ... by not having that dollar figure made even bigger!

Not losing even worse is the new winning.


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