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The Macalope: The Goldilocks phone

The Macalope | Feb. 12, 2014
Now that we've all come to the conclusion that Apple is definitely going to make a larger phone (come on, people, it was on all the rumor sites), the question now becomes exactly how a larger phone will doom Apple.


Imagine that for you, the novelty of having this candy crush of apps on your phone has worn off and instead you want a more pared down approach. You could, of course, just have fewer little icons on your screen. But what if you want just four big, honking buttons for the only four things you use your iPhone for anyway?

This is apparently a huge enough problem that Kosner believes it will ruin a larger iPhone. "So many" people are jailbreaking their iPhones so they can have two big, honking buttons. One for Flappy Bird and one for SHUT DOWN IPHONE.

Even if you are a developer and want to build it yourself, you could only deploy it on jailbroken iPhones.

This is the same with all iOS devices. You're just complaining about developers not being able to junk up the interface, the same argument we've heard about iOS since the dawn of iOS. And, yet, iOS does quite well. Not in spite of this, but because of it.

Phablets, it seems, are where consumers are going, particularly as our initial enthusiasm with the iPad begins to cool.

Large phones, at last count, made up about 20 percent of smartphone sales, with about 40 percent of them having been sold in South Korea. So, it's a little hard to prove that's where "consumers are going."

Anyway, let's see if the horny one has this right: iOS works fine on smaller phones, fine on 10-inch tablets, and fine on 7-inch tablets — but a 5-inch phone is going to be the breaking point, because some mockups look a little goofy.

Well, no one said punditry had to make sense. No one on the Forbes editorial staff, anyway.


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