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The Macalope Special Edition: Fools of the Year

The Macalope | April 2, 2013
While the rest of the Internet braces itself for lame practical jokes, the Macalope once again doles out his assortment of hoof-made awards to those pundits who went below and beyond the call of duty in what they perceive is their job: trolling Apple. Why do they do it? The reasons vary from personal gain to inner demons to some kind of weird chemical imbalance. Remember, we're not here to judge them as people--that's for a vengeful god to do. No, we're just here to judge them as pundits who opine about Apple. And, whew, is there a lot of judging to be done.

Yes, after taking his usual brand of Apple blogger-bashing to Gizmodo, Lyons became editor of ReadWrite, a position he's leaving after all of five months. Apparently Dan's finished his job turning it into AppleTrollGrahGrrrUhnn. While there, Lyons lent ReadWrite's pages to former Apple sales exec Larry Sobotta to tell us all about how terrible it was working for Tim Cook. The fact that he didn't actually work for Tim Cook wasn't apparently an impediment in Lyons's eyes. He also published his own delightful missives, such as why the reduction of Apple's judgement against Samsung was "an amazing setback" that made "Apple look stupid."

Now he's moving on to a marketing position at HubSpot, which says it has its reasons "why they hired a journalist."

Wait, they hired someone other than Dan?

Whether this is goodbye for good or not, Dan, the Macalope wanted to make sure you went out on top.

Well, technically, we appear to be at the bottom, don't we.

How about that?


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