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The Mac at 30: Tales from the Berkeley Mac Users Group

Dan Miller,Christopher Breen | Jan. 27, 2014
Before the Genius Bar and before Apple's own online forums, when the Mac was young and its users needed help, there were user groups

Ron Hipschman: I remember going into a shop out on Geary [in San Francisco] when they put the first Mac out. I went up to it, wanting to try it out, and I'm looking in the drawers for a manual — I'm a manual reader. And there isn't one. I went up to the guy at the desk and said, "Do you have the manuals for this computer? I'd like to play with it." And he said no, he'd loaned them out to somebody, but he said, "Go ahead anyway." And I was able to get through MacPaint and MacWrite without any trouble at all. I could figure out Cut and Paste and how to start programs up and scroll through windows. And I said to myself, "This is the way computers should work."


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