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The hybrid team leader: David Kennedy of Orion Health

Divina Paredes | Dec. 23, 2014
David Kennedy of Orion Health discusses why a co-joined CIO/CISO portfolio is an imperative for a global company dealing with sensitive information.

The next phase will only allow people into that core network with an agent running on a device. That means it creates a space where anyone is BYOD, says Kennedy.

"You can't really stop people from doing it and if you try and stop them, they'll just find ways around it. So rather than trying to restrict people, you try and allow them to use it and just protect those core aspects."

Another project, which goes hand in hand with the Elastic Networking is the '180 Degrees IT'.

"It's about giving control back to the user for their laptop," Kennedy explains. "The users will have high levels of administrator access to enable innovation. We have agents running on these systems, on the laptops, and that gives us configuration of all the individual laptops so we can see or we can help make the estate more consistent while allowing them to download things."

It means they could contact the user before they have an issue. The team can identify if the user is running inefficient versions of software and automatically contacts the user to have all features and functions working at their optimum.

"If someone downloads a malicious tool bar, we can automatically send them an email to say that you've downloaded something that will affect your performance in three weeks. And then in three weeks, we can email them with this message: 'You don't have to delete it, it's up to you, but here's the procedure for deleting it'.

"If they choose not to, that's fine; it's just going to slow the machine down. And then in three weeks we can email them again and ask, 'How is your performance?' Again, it's about giving that power back to the user and the transparency to help them diagnose their own problems."

The Self-Service Portal is another project and provides a user-friendly IT support website designed to get the quickest and most effective response to low priority IT queries. "This is the go-to place for IT-related FAQs and how-tos," says Kennedy.

Its features include the network and application performance monitor. "This enables every user to self-diagnose IT issues. If the user has a performance issue they can check the monitor to help determine the root cause of the issue."

There is also a MacHelp area providing "great tips and tricks" for users who are new to Apple technology.

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Building a deep leadership bench, as well as developing and motivating his team members, are at the top of Kennedy's agenda.

He has a compact team of 20 in Auckland, plus less than 10 people in the United States, and two in London.


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