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The geekiest stuff we saw at CES 2013

Nick Mediati, Albert Filice | Jan. 14, 2013
For techies like ourselves, CES is the Greatest Show on Earth (P.T. Barnum, eat your heart out). So trust us when we tell you these are the things from CES that you don't want to miss. You'll thank us later.

DreamCheeky toys are perfect for annoying coworkers

When you work in an office full of your peers, it's important to have some sort of offensive weapon, and probably something to shield yourself with as well. At least that's the way we do things , which is why the iThunder Launcher and the iStrike Shuttle seem like a perfect fit for desktop warfare. With both an aerial assault and remote missile strikes from wherever you want, you're sure to get an edge in the office--until somebody starts chucking ereaders, anyway.

Both the iThunder Launcher and iStrike Shuttle are available now, so you won't have to turn to the black market if you don't want to. They will cost $130 and $90, respectively.

Skate through 2013 on your very own ZBoard

Manually operated skateboards are so last decade; today's kids are all about motorized ones.

Or not.

In either case, the ZBoard comes with a 400-watt electric motor that can propel you along at speeds of up to 17 miles per hour depending on the model. The ZBoard comes in two models--a Classic and Pro model--and it weighs between 28 and 35 pounds, respectively, which makes it less than ideal to take to your nearest skate park. They're not cheap, either, ranging in price from $650 to $950.

U.K.'s rock 'em sock 'em robots--Combat Creatures--come to the U.S. this fall

Giant mecha robots might be a long way off, but if you want the thrill of battlin' robots without the property damage, check out Combat Creatures. Combat Creatures will bring its remote-controlled Attacknids toy robots from the UK to the US this fall, and they should cost under $100 each.

Stern brings its pinball wizardry to CES

Before there were smartphones, consoles, or arcade machines, there was pinball. As old-school as pinball is, Stern's pinball machines were of of the highlights of this year's CES. Stern showed off both commercial models for use in arcades, as well as personal models that you can get for your own home. The personal pinball machines are more compact than commercial machines--but still have a full-sized play area--and they cost around $2500. It might make your game room the envy of the neighborhood.

Meet Flower Power, the gizmo that prevents a house-plant apocalypse (video)

If your green thumb isn't looking so green, check out the Flower Power, a little device from Parrot (yes, the AR Drone guys) that can help you keep your houseplants from dying. Set up the Flower Power using a dedicated iOS app then stick it into your pot, and it'll keep tabs on soil moisture and salinity, room temperature, and ambient sunlight to make sure your plant has everything it needs to flourish. Price and release date has yet to be determined, but it should be out sometime this year. Here's hoping your houseplants make it until then.


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